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Last weekend I created the latest issue of Here. In My Head. as a 24-hour zine, which you can now buy on my ‘store’ page!

A 24-hour zine is a zine completed during a consecutive 24 hour period – the entire zine must be planned, written, photographed, folded, illustrated, cut, glued, and ready for photocopying within this time! It’s a fun way to write zines because you don’t have to get too hung up on the writing and content being perfect – the achievement is in the completion of the time challenge.

This issue covers topics including depoliticising equality, sexism and the 13th Doctor, my word of the year, and my favourite Tori Amos songs. It’s 40 pages long and quarter-sized (A6) – buy a copy here.

Many zines!
Many zines!

I spent the weekend with my pals Kirsty and Morgan, who also made their own 24-hour zines (Kirsty’s is available on her etsy store, Morgan’s is still at the printers!).

From left: mine, Morgan's, and Kirsty's zines
From left: mine, Morgan’s, and Kirsty’s zines

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