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As some of you may know, Facebook pages now work in the most ridiculous way – even though I have over 800 ‘likes’, only a fraction of my fans will see my posts unless I pay. It sucks.

The way it works is that the more ‘activity’ a post has, the more people it reaches – it literally doesn’t show up in the newsfeed of most of my ‘fans’ unless someone has liked it. What this means for me is, if I post a gig announcement or a photo etc, and no one ‘likes’ it, it will only be seen by about 20 people out of 800. If 2 people like it, it jumps up to about 80 people out of 800. The more people like a post, the more people will get shown the post – and if someone comments on the post, it gets shown to even more people.

This system has been developed partly because there’s more content on Facebook than ever and so it’s more difficult for posts to get “organic” (i.e. free) fan engagement, but partly because it makes them money of course.

Basically they’re trying to get page owners to pay to boost their posts, which is inaccessible for unsigned artists and small business owners who can’t afford to pay to boost every Facebook post, and privileges the more well-established, financially secure bands who can afford it.

So, to get around this ridiculous system and help me keep engaged with my fans without paying for each post, I’m asking you for a tiny bit of help. If you could like and comment on my posts as a matter of course, it will help boost my reach by a HUGE amount. The comments can be tiny things like an emoji or a smiley face, it all helps! & of course any shares would be a huge help and very welcomed too – it all makes a huge difference to me, and helps me reach and engage with my fans.

Another thing you could do is make sure you’re “following” my page and enable page notifications (as above).

Thanks in advance!

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