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“Introspective music with dark intensity” – Sinusoidal 

Brilliant” – BBC Radio Wales

“A must-hear artist” – CLOUT

Dramatic” – Buzz Magazine

Catherine Elms is a dark pop singer-songwriter with a soft yet powerful voice; introspective and fierce in equal measure. Drawing on the raw, heartfelt emotion of Tori Amos and the brash power of PJ Harvey, Catherine has found an evocative and cathartic style that is all her own. A self-taught pianist with heavy rock sensibilities, Catherine creates an epic and transcendent sound that explores millennial frustrations with sensitivity and quiet hope. Catherine self-released her debut album, ‘I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It’, in November 2022, and promoted the album with a UK tour in spring 2023. 

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More about Catherine

When Catherine isn’t making music, she loves running, watching sci-fi and horror films, nights out, and getting tattoos. She is a proud parent of three lovely dogs (Parker, Bundy, and Ollie). She also loves boardgames, loaded fries, bubble tea, cosy blankets, trying new vegan recipes, watching so-bad-it’s-good films, and silly puns. Catherine pretends to be a serious artist, but is actually kind of a goof in real life. One of the things she’s most proud of is her ability to perfectly boil a soft-boiled egg.

Praise for the album ‘I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It’

“wonderfully quirky and dark, sublimely written … an album full of life, character, and intention” – Rock Era Magazine

“introspective music with dark intensity … her music is definitely not for the faint of heart” – Sinusoidal

“dark and lush with feelings of uneasiness” – Jammer Zine

“bold and soaring energy… a rich and euphoric return” – Mystic Sons

“intimate, mysterious, and sexy” – Egdar Allen Poets

“an album full of spine-tingling tunes defining a design for life walked from darkness into light” – Welsh Connections

“A sweeping progression of alternative rock with epic proportions, flirting with gothic and synth pop” – Roadie Music

“Energetic, passionate, enthralling” – Artisti Online

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