cath elms press pic

“Brilliant” – BBC Radio Wales

“dramatic” – Buzz Magazine

“Catherine Elms’ live EP is new and adventurous! The musically talented singer/songwriter has indulged in an emotional heartfelt four track album that is not only relatable but soothing to listen to.” – The Flux

“Combining beautiful melodies with a punk ethic, Catherine Elms lyrically juxtaposes the fragile with the fierce to create a musical jigsaw you’ll piece together differently with every listen.” – Phil Huntley, Radio Tircoed

“Sounds like Debbie Harry, Kathryn Williams and Tori Amos had a sexy genetically engineered musical frankenbaby of joy!” – Chella Quint, The F Word

“One performer who has wowed audiences … is red-headed singer/songwriter Cath Elms. Elms has returned to the stage at the bar a number of times after bringing the audience to a standstill with her open mic set in the summer. As well as performing her haunting original material, Elms earns plaudits from all watching as she lets loose on her keyboard playing her interpretation of System of a Down’s Toxicity.” – The Llanelli Star

“We love your hair and your songs!” – Vermillion Lies

Catherine Elms is an unsigned singer/songwriter and pianist, whose music combines heavy rock, dark cabaret, emotionally-charged melodies and impassioned lyrics. A self-taught non-classical pianist, Catherine’s raw and evocative playing style lies directly between the brash power of PJ Harvey and the baroque pop-rock of 1990s Tori Amos.  Her music possesses a dark intensity with softly defined edges: both introspective and spirited.  Described as “dramatic” (Buzz Magazine), “adventurous” (The Flux), “fragile and fierce” (Off The Radar), and “haunting” (South Wales Evening Post), Catherine is a rising artist in the South Wales music scene driven ever forward by a growing loyal fanbase.

Catherine released her first studio EP, So Far From Whole, on 23rd October 2015.

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