This spring I released three new live videos – live acoustic performances of ‘Good Day’, ‘Upside Down’ and ‘Fire Song’, performed at the beautiful St Elli Church.

I wanted to create a live video series to show myself as a performing artist, and because having live videos really helps when applying for gigs and festivals. I knew that the venue had to be dramatic and a bit goth, to match my vibe, and so a church felt like the perfect setting. My videographer Jamie Panton and I gave each video a distinct aesthetic to match the feeling of the song – ‘Good Day’ was intimate and sparse, ‘Upside Down’ was watery and floaty, and ‘Fire Song’ was bold and dramatic.

I’m really proud of these videos, and I actually think they’re better vocal performances than the album versions (which is what I was hoping for – I want to keep growing and evolving as a singer). I hope you enjoy hearing these stripped back versions – check them out, let me know what you think.

I spent the day with videographer Jamie and sound engineer Josh Bowles in St Elli, and we had the best time – between takes we drank lots of pink Monster (my tipple of choice on tiring days), chatted about life as weirdo artists, and went on a little adventure around Llanelli town on a desperate search for vegan food (we eventually settled on Subway, and it was very disappointing – would not recommend!). It was a really lovely day, and I’m so grateful to Jamie and Josh for the amazing work they did on this video. Jamie and I have gone on to work on something top-secret together, which probably won’t be out for a while yet but it’s exciting, and we’re both incredibly proud of it. Watch this space.

I’m also very grateful to Revd Canon Osborne and all the staff at St Elli for being so welcoming and friendly, and for allowing us to record in this special space. (if you’re ever in Llanelli, the church is definitely worth a visit)

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