Happy Friday! I’m here to let you know that my new EP ‘ARCANA’ is out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms. After a lovely reception on Bandcamp, Mishkin and I are excited to share it with the wider world through streaming.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already bought a copy, and thanks for the lovely comments, I’m so pleased that you’re loving the new tunes.

ARCANA is a four-track, tarot-themed EP written and performed with my dear friend Mishkin Fitzgerald. Each song is inspired by a different tarot card that holds special significance to us. Through these songs, we’ve explored themes of transformation, identity, recovery, liberation, and finding your inner wisdom. These songs are beautiful, wild, witchy, and pretty weird – and we love them.

Whether we like Spotify or not (👀), it is undoubtedly the main place where most people find new music. So, if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard and you’d like to help me grow as an artist and reach new listeners, I’d be really grateful if you could give the EP a few streams. The more plays we get in the first day or so, the more likely it is that Spotify will suggest our tracks to other listeners. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference for us. Gold stars and positive witchy vibes go to everyone who shares the EP with a friend and encourages them to listen too! 🖤

listen now on spotify



If you want to dive a bit deeper into our musical worlds, check out my “Mishkin Fitzgerald x Catherine Elms” playlist on Spotify. It features all four tracks from ARCANA,  alongside a curated selection of solo songs from both Mishkin and myself. It’s a good way to get a fuller picture of where ‘ARCANA’ comes from and where we’re both coming from as artists. Give it a listen when you can.

listen to the playlist now


Watch our ‘duelling pianos’ livestream ⬇️

You might remember that Mishkin and I put on a livestream show back in September, which was exclusive to my newsletter subscribers and her patreons. We performed the new EP in full, as well as a selection of each other’s songs – all as duets on duelling pianos. If you missed out on joining us live, you can catch up and watch the whole thing here:



That’s all for now – in December I’ll be sharing a longer email with a reflection on this year as a whole (including thoughts on the one-year anniversary of my album), and a little about what’s coming next. 2023 has been a big year, in its own way, and ARCANA feels like a culmination of it all – the growth, the learning, and a new approach to art and creativity for me. If you want to be part of this phase too, give the EP a listen, and if you want to be super supportive, please tell a friend or two about it!

Thanks for sticking around and being part of this story. Your support means a lot, always.

P.S. I love hearing from you, so don’t be a stranger. Let me know your thoughts on the new tunes, or just say hi.

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