Halloween is my favourite holiday – it’s like Goth Christmas! The EP launch overshadowed this year’s Halloween plans slightly so I didn’t make as much of a fuss as usual – I didn’t even carve pumpkins because by the time we went to buy some, they’d sold out! – but I still had a great time.

IMG_9901 (Copy) IMG_9903 (Copy)

Our annual tradition of trying on the halloween costumes in the shops.

IMG_0279 (Copy) IMG_9819 web (Copy) IMG_9875 (Copy) IMG_0134 (Copy)

Essential Halloween viewing: The X Files and Treehouse of Horror 🙂

IMG_0169 webIMG_0150 (Copy)

On 30th November my friend Evey organised a murder mystery evening! I played the role of Emily Lloyd-Bridges, a young fashionable Victorian lady fond of Gothic novels and romantic poetry, engaged to the womanizing Sir Clifforde Heath-Clifforde.  I managed to put together a last-minute Victorian-esque costume that I was pretty happy with:

IMG_0173 (Copy) IMG_0158 web (Copy)

It was such a fun game, though much more in-depth than I realised!

On Halloween itself, we went to Mozarts for their annual Halloween party. I left my costume plans to the last-minute, so ended up going in creepy clown make-up which turned out ok.

IMG_0206halloween 1IMG_0178IMG_0207 (Copy)

Daf was a ghostbuster – he looked so good!

IMG_0164 web (Copy)

IMG_0213 (Copy)

It was a lovely night, and after so many years of disappointing Halloween nights out, it was awesome to actually do something fun and exciting this year 🙂 There was a lot of drinking, dancing, and giggling – and on the way home we got cheesy chips. The best!

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