“Poco Loco has become a favourite tour stop and WTF?!?! nights feature some excellent guest bands and solo artists there along with local and London acts this autumn/early winter.

A weekend of bands and acoustic, guests on Saturday 5th are Tim Holehouse, and Tim Loud. Mishkin Fitzgerald and Cath Elms are also coming through on tour and will be joining the mayhem! Local and local-ish acts are Sourcrouch and the Xenophobes, Dul Fin Wah, and Studio Sickness.

Sunday the 6th our guest will be will be Maekkelae from Germany joined by Oskar Vilcrow, Spindly Killers, Beat the Devil’s Tattoo, Wolf Sunday, David Heritage, Andrew Collier, and Spire Cranes

Funky Mums will perform both days and provide interludes!”

Join the event on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/events/552943401548673/

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