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“Another night of incredible music, art, fashion & film from the dark side of indie… hosted by Mishkin Fitzgerald.

MISHKIN FITZGERALD – Known for her role and singer and pianist in the punk-rock-orchestral band Birdeatsbaby, Mishkin’s solo work has been described as “a mournful take on Patrick Wolf and Regina Spector via mid-period Depeche Mode”.

FRIAR’S LANTERN – Friar’s Lantern seamlessly blend quotes and voices from films to create a sound that stands out from anything being heard today

VIENNA DITTO – Captivating, eccentric and above all amazing to watch. Imagine Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack.

CATHERINE ELMS – Catherine Elms is a singer/songwriter/pianist, whose music combines heavy rock, dark cabaret, emotionally-charged melodies and idiosyncratic lyrics.

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Tickets £7 – buy online here.

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