I’m very proud to reveal the artwork for ‘So Far From Whole’, designed and created by my talented partner Mr Daf Turner:

EP cover - FINAL scaled

We chose the theme for the photoshoot and cover artwork thoughtfully – thematically, the this EP is about betrayal, anger, fear, and the painful vulnerable process of healing.  The last track of the EP marks a nervous step away from stifling surroundings and relationships and into a frightening (but liberating) place of resilience and strength.  We wanted to capture those feelings in the artwork – nervousness, fragility but also burgeoning power.

The photoshoot process was challenging, but loads of fun.  We did it all in our living room with some borrowed gear and some second-hand gear, while listening to Die So Fluid to help me feel like a badass.  I’m happy with how everything turned out, given how we did everything ourselves between the 2 of us. 🙂

Some outtakes:


_MG_0423 _MG_0660 IMG_0543 Untitled-3 Untitled-1Untitled-2

The EP has been sent to be printed this weekend, and everything is on track for the release date on the 23rd!  It’s all scary but very exciting. 🙂

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