I’m actually a big fan of drunk tweeting. I think it’s lots of fun, as long as the tweets are legible – of course, it does help that my friends are lots of fun when drunk! A lot of my twitter friends told me that they enjoyed the experience of following our drunken antics this weekend, so I thought I’d document it here.  Consider this an insight into my typical Saturday nights. 🙂

The night began as a fairly quiet one with my friend Kirsty at a bar, where we had some rather delicious looking cocktails, and equally delicious mexican food.

The plan was to go back to hers and watch Les Mis over a glass of wine. Then, Caitlin got in touch and asked if a few of us wanted to hang out and drink wine together, so we went straight to hers instead and cracked open the Rosé‎ (with Tesco’s own brand vodka for the non-rosé‎ drinkers like myself). With Tegan and Sara playing in the background, so began the shenanigans.

“Isn’t Jesus allowed on the Vengabus?!”
“No, because moralising is not permitted on the Vengabus.”

This led to us reminiscing about Wild Wild West and Men in Black, and whether his modern portfolio would lend itself as well to a titular rap song (‘I Am Legend’ anyone?).

The wine was flowing, but Twitter was moving far too slowly for my liking, so I resorted to updating my facebook status. That’s when you know you’ve drunk too much. I am not proud of myself.

Then I started harassing my friends about how much they’d drunk, because I was convinced that I was disproportionately drunk compared to everyone else. I tend to get considerably less shy when I’m drunk!

After Will Smith’s greatest hits album finished, we took to YouTube and started listening to songs from our youth, including Ace of Base, Vengaboys, Blue, and N*Sync.

Then someone suggested playing a drinking game called Ring of Fire. So we did.

And then it all got a bit surreal.

And then we started reminiscing about Sabrina The Teenage Witch (“shame she’s a republican now”), and we watched a YouTube video called ‘The very best of Salem Saberhagen, part 1’.

I’m wearing an empty pillowcase on my head in that photo.

We did attempt to do our usual political and social justice discussions, but they didn’t really get off the ground.

By now it was very late, and everyone decided that they really fancied some cheesy chips from Oasis, but didn’t fancy the 20 minute walk at 2am. So we called a taxi. On the way, someone commandeered my phone. I think it was Caitlin.

We stopped on the way to buy some strawbs from the off-license! We just went in and purchased a single strawb each from the bemused shopkeeper. “Will you just eat your strawb and stop kicking off?!”


Then we ate ALL of the chips, covered in all of the condiments. And we got a taxi home. And it was good.

When we got in, there were 2 glasses of wine left, so for some reason Kirsty and I downed them.

Kirsty and I took some photos in bed, because we randomly do that sometimes, posted the silliest one in the private (strictly serious feminism only) SFN group because it seemed like the BEST IDEA EVAR at the time, then we fell asleep, cwtched up in a drunken stupor. It was awesome.

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