Uplands Tavern, May 13
Uplands Tavern, May 13

I’ve performed at a few more open mic nights in May, including The Uplands Tavern and The Kilkenny Cat.  Both went very well, and both venues said they would be happy to have me back there again 🙂 yay!  FYI, I have 2 more gigs coming up this month – details can be found on the “live” page of my website.  I’m trying to get into a habit of playing at least twice a month, if not 4 times a month, while I find my feet and keep writing new material.  With every new gig, I feel a little less nervous and a little more confident in my abilities!  Everyone has been so supportive, and I finally feel as if I am moving with a purpose.


Sonorus flyer AMMENDED

I have started up a Harry Potter fanzine with my friends Kirsty and Emilie, titled ‘Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter’!  Check out the submission guidelines here.  We’re so excited, and Emilie’s artwork for the project is amazing (see above)!

A few of my most recent blog posts been very well-received, including a story about getting drunk last weekend, and great ways to spend a lazy day. Here’s one that I loved that didn’t get much attention – a break-up letter to Doctor Who! Please read and share, it’s my partner Daf’s first guest post and I thought his critique of gender in the show was spot on!


I’ve been getting into lifestyle design recently, so have read some e-books on the topic, including The ‘Undeclared for Life’ Manifesto, and The Other Voice: 10 Things You Need to Know About Life.  I finally finished reading Woman Hating by Andrea Dworkin – it took me a little while to get into it, but after about 60 pages I was hooked!  I’ve just started Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, which I can’t recommend enough if like me you are fascinated by the world we live in, but know embarrassingly little about it.


Here are some photos from when I’ve remembered to document my outfits!

IMG_0147 IMG_2016 IMG_2019


After reading this article on 10 superfoods for glowing skin, I’ve been trying to incorporate more of the mentioned foods into my diet, but especially avocado, radish, and oily fish.  Daf and I are currently on a healthy eating kick, as we can see that it’s having a very positive impact on alleviating my IBS symptoms and his occasional lethargy/sleep problems.  I am very blessed to have such a wonderful chef for a boyfriend.  Homemade healthy foods we’ve enjoyed recently include steamed cajun salmon, falafel and salad pitta breads, green smoothies, and sushi!

IMG_1857 IMG_1855

And finally, some things that have made me happy recently:

The good weather. Finally, some sunshine!  My goth-white legs have no hope for a tan though.
My improving fitness levels.  I’m still stuck on week 1 of Couch to 5K, but mostly because I’m only managing to go for a run once a week!  But I am making slow, steady process, and with each run I feel my stamina and strength developing.
Herbal tea.  Current favourites at home include peppermint and fennel (great after a big meal), lavender and lemonbalm (great just before bed), and oolong (great when you’re all tea’d out!).
Letter-writing!  So much nicer than email.
Planning a holiday to Japan!  I’m going with my friend Lisa, who I’ve known through zines and letters for years.  I’m so excited!
Starting my lovely new Paperblanks journal.  Nothing fills me with a renewed sense of hope and positivity like starting a new journal.

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