Sunday morning snoozing 🙂

I’ve had the best weekend.  On Friday night I went on a pizza-and-cinema date with my partner and our friends, then on Saturday we all went out for some drinks… which turned into a lot of drinks after a drinking game was suggested! We turned up to our friend’s house party drunk, and I tried my best to “act sober” so as not to embarrass myself; my plan was slightly ruined by the fact that I turned up in a giant rainbow sombrero. (Sorry Ali… so, so sorry.)

On Sunday, nursing slight hangovers, my partner and I had a long-overdue lazy day, which was very well-received after both of us had worked a lot of overtime during the week.  We had bacon and avocado sandwiches on seeded bread for brunch, and snuggled on the sofa watching movies on Netflix.

I usually like to keep myself busy, because I feel as if I should be accountable for every hour I spend… that said, I can get burnt out really quickly, especially if I’ve been working extra hours at my office job, so sometimes a lazy day is just what I need.  It’s also nice when I’ve had a few busy weekends in a row – I like to indulge in all the little pleasures I haven’t had time for.  So here are some of my favourite ways to spend a lazy day!


Duvet day.  That is, an entire day in bed, usually with a laptop, a book, some good TV/films, and yummy snacks to hand.  The occasional bathroom trip will be required, as well as a jaunt to the kitchen to bring some foods back to bed with you.  Don’t be afraid to fall asleep!

Indulgent brunch.  During my working week I have a boring breakfast every morning – either porridge or weetabix – so when I’m having a lazy day I like to experiment with different breakfasts/brunches – fruit and yoghurt, unusual toasted sandwich fillings, pancakes, french toast, full english, etc.  BBC Good Food have a delicious selection of brunch recipes here!

Netflix marathon.  There are so many good TV shows and films there.  I’m currently making my way through The Office US!  If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, DVD boxsets are a good alternative.

Read.  Catch up on your reading; snuggle up on the sofa and get lost in a weighty tome.  My Sunday reading book is Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

Tend to the garden.  Nothing makes me feel more alive and peaceful than being surrounded by things I’ve grown myself.


Bubble bath!  Choose an indulgent bath foam, light some candles, put some nice music on in the background, and have a good soak. (or, if you want a more visceral/playful experience, try some Gellibaff, which turns your bath water into a pink soapy jelly!)

Get creative.  Do you draw, paint, write, collage, play an instrument, sing, dance, etc?  Spend some of your free time with your craft.

A countryside walk. Not strictly the laziest of lazy day activities, but it feels so good to get out in the open and admire the beautiful countryside scenery at a leisurely pace.  Walk 4 Life is a resource that allows you to search for walking routes in your local area by length, difficulty, and landmarks (seaside, village, etc).


Catch up on correspondence, whether it’s writing letters, reaching Inbox Zero, or phoning old friends (who phones anyone anymore? It feels good to do once in a while!).  It feels great to touch base with people you haven’t made time for recently.

Chill out with a pet.  Don’t have one? Offer to petsit!  Cats and dogs make the best snuggle companions.

Adventure Time Monopoly! Want!

Play a board game. When was the last time you did that?  My favourites are Cluedo, Pictionary, and Forbidden Island.  On a future lazy weekend, Daf and I are hoping to finally play Arkham Horror: A Call of Cthulhu, which usually lasts about 3 hours!

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