I’m so excited to share the ‘Monday Eyes’ music video with you!

Created with Scott Chalmers Photography, this video is our favourite that we created together this year – it fully brings the song to life, and the song is best experienced while watching the video.

I’m tremendously proud of this – if you like it too, please share it, as this helps me get it out to as many people as possible!

I use fire imagery and colours throughout the album to represent my truest, most fulfilled self, and I use water or cold imagery to represent those moments when I’m being taken away from myself. This theme carries through to the ‘Monday Eyes’ video – watch out for the scenes in red, vs the scenes in blue/purple, and see what the story might be.

This post is just a quick one today – I’ve been rushed off my feet between the single promo, preparing for the album release, and trying to manage a full-time job alongside all that. A longer message with news about the album is coming very soon – as always, sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know everything, and to see parts of the album journey that I don’t share anywhere else.

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