I’m so proud of this song, and I hope you’ll like it too.

I wrote it during a bit of a quarter-life crisis, when trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Like many of us, I had always believed that if I just worked hard enough and proved myself worthy through collecting achievements, everything would fall into place, and success would find me. I realised that this is untrue. I found myself in a job that dampened my spirit, feeling like an awkward impostor, longing for something more, and mourning the future I’d envisaged for myself that never came. This song is for anyone who’s experienced that feeling of getting to your twenties and entering the ‘real world,’ thinking: “is this it?”

This song is for anyone who wishes they were doing something more profound with their 9-to-5 – may we persevere in our quest to find our calling, bravely and with longing.

If you want to support me monetarily and help me keep making music, you can buy the track for just £1 on my Bandcamp. I get literally no money from Spotify for streams, and I pay for all my music recording and promo from my own pocket, with no label or project funding. Your financial support helps me keep making music and sharing it with the world!


You can also stream the song on Spotify, or google “Catherine Elms Monday Eyes” to listen everywhere else.


I’m releasing my music independently without any label or project backing, so word of mouth and social media are the main ways I get my music out into the world. If you liked this track and want to help me share it with more people, here are three easy things you can do that’ll take less than 5 minutes!

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I’m playing two gigs this month, including a special guitar set on 27 August (yes that’s right, me on a guitar and no piano!). Both gigs are free and open to everyone, so come along to hear me perform some songs from the album, and if you come over and say hello, you can get a free sticker (created by the wonderful ACD Illustration) – who doesn’t love a free sticker??

Swansea Songwriter Sessions
Thursday 18 August, 8pm
Elysium Bar, Swansea
More info here

The Big Queer Picnic [guitar set]
Saturday 27 August, 2pm
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
More info here

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