To mark International Women’s Day 2022, I’m delighted to share ‘Where It Hurts’, a song written, recorded and performed by yours truly and my fellow dark songstresses Mishkin Fitzgerald, Hana Piranha, and Georgia Train! Check it out here.

All proceeds through Bandcamp will be donated to Women for Refugee Women, a charity that empowers refugee and asylum-seeking women to build their confidence and skills, become leaders and advocate for change.

I’m so proud of this song we created together – Mishkin, Hana and Georgia are such smart talented women and it’s a privilege to get to work with them. We wrote this song about our experiences of misogyny and exclusion. SO many female musicians have horror stories about the way they’ve been treated in the industry due to their gender: assumptions, objectification, ageism, exploitation, assault. The tide is turning but there is still more to be done – so we keep on fighting. Writing about these things may seem grim, but we found it incredibly cathartic and empowering. By sharing our stories, we feel less alone, and we empower each other to speak out and lift each other up. 

Please check out the song, and donate what you can through my Bandcamp – it would mean a lot to me. 


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