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My new zine, Here. In My Head. #15, is now available to buy!

Subtitled “Life with a Chronic Digestive Disorder”, this zine is all about my experiences living with IBS, and includes topics such as triggers, shame, body image, coping techniques, tips and tricks, and how to be an ally to chronically ill people.

Buy a copy for £1, or join my mailing list for a 20% discount!

Other things I’ve been up to (so many things!):

Cath Elms recording The Atrium

1. Recording the first track of my new EP!  I plan to release it around May (more details soon).  Here are some photos from the session.

2. Recording a live music video!  More info soon – pics here.

3. Doing loads of stuff in my day job for International Women’s Day, and organizing all the university-wide events for LGBT History Month (which has been very challenging, but totally rewarding) – follow my Swansea Equality and LGBT+ Staff Network twitter accounts for more info!

4. Volunteering with Swansea STEM WoMen, a network at Swansea University dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of women in the STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine).  I’m helping out with website maintenance and blogging!

5. January was a really challenging month for me – the dark, the bad weather, and the fact that my best bud was away for the entire month left me feeling really glum.  But the weather is starting to turn, and I’m prioritizing self-care in a major way, so things are getting better.

6. A few new gigs added to the “shows” page – check it out!

7. I’ve joined Pinterest!  I pin music stuff, alt fashion, tattoospiration, geeky stuff, and more 🙂 Take a look:

8. Remember the charity abseil I did in December?  My team raised over £1000 for SOS Africa!  We’re all very proud of ourselves.

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