System of a Down UK Darksite Catherine Elms The Masons Llanelli Catherine Elms The Masons Llanelli

My last gig of 2014 was one of my favourites – I supported System of a Down UK (a welsh SOAD cover band) and local metal band Darksite.  I always enjoy myself so much when I perform at The Masons, as the crowd are so into my music; this gig was one of my best, where people sang along to my covers, cheered at the end of each song, and even asked for an encore!  I felt so incredibly proud of myself.  Some of the audience members recorded parts of my set – all videos can be found on my YouTube ‘live performances’ playlist.





The System of a Down band were awesome – the whole audience (myself included!) were dancing, moshing, singing along, and generally loving it. There are some videos of their performance up on YouTube.


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