Christmas 2014

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Christmas 2014 was such a lovely, relaxing time!  I’m in the middle of a fortnight off work, and am feeling more relaxed and chilled out than I have in months.  It’s so nice.

christmas decorations at home Christmas redhead reindeer antlers couple reading Keep the change ya filthy animal home alone keep calm jumper

We’ve been doing lots of nice, self-caring things – hanging out with friends, visiting family, watching TV and films, reading, drinking homemade cocktails, eating lots of good food and not stressing ourselves out about how lazy we’re being.

Kraken spiced rum presentation box Christmas naps redhead Santa hat

Many bottles of Kraken, swiftly followed by the first Christmas nap of the season!

Daf and I spent Christmas Day with my family – we exchanged gifts, ate lots of turkey, gave Toby lots of cuddles (and attempted to dress him up in his Santa outfit, but he wasn’t having none of it), caught up on our sleep, and watched Christmassy and/or children’s films on TV.  I ended up watching The Muppet Christmas Carol about 5 times!

christmas cuddle dog man dressed as elf Christmas naps dog dad

Toby with his doggy mince pie (he didn’t eat it, just played with it and carried it around with him all day!); Daf, Toby, Dad and my brother snoozing after the Christmas dinner.

We spent this weekend with Daf’s family hanging out with them, doing much of the same relaxing sorts of things.  We also went for a long walk, as we realised that we hadn’t taken more than 20 steps at a time for over a week!  Ah, Christmas.

Doctor Who Christmas jumper redhead red hair Christmas cuddle couple redheadDoctor Who Ravenclaw journal books ewok snood handmade love book

Some of my favourite gifts I received included:

  • a handmade book that Daf made for me, which contains things he loves about our relationship, our private jokes, our pet names, and reasons he is proud of me!
  • A handmade Ewok snood
  • A River Song journal and Sonic Screwdriver pen
  • A Ravenclaw necklace and t-shirt
  • The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau
  • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
  • The Funeral Sciences by Schoolyard Heroes
  • A Babyliss Curl Secret curling iron, which gave me these amazing curls:

redhead curly hair Babyliss Curl Secret

Some of my favourite gifts I gave included:

  • A CD of songs my brother and I wrote and recorded together for my parents
  • A Mouse Rat t-shirt for Daf – we just keep bursting into song when he wears it! (“You got sex bears… big ol’ sex bears…“)
  • A secret hollow book I made by hand – it was SO much harder to make than it looked, but the end result was pretty cool.
  • Firefly: The Game – excited to play it! 🙂
  • A rocket-shaped tea infuser – they missed a trick by not calling it Space Odditea!

System of a Down UK Darksite Catherine Elms The Masons Llanelli Catherine Elms The Masons Llanelli

My last gig of 2014 was one of my favourites too – I supported System of a Down UK (a welsh SOAD cover band) and local metal band Darksite.  I always enjoy myself so much when I perform at The Masons, as the crowd are so into my music; this gig was one of my best, where people sang along to my covers, cheered at the end of each song, and even asked for an encore!  I felt so incredibly proud of myself.  Some of the audience members recorded parts of my set – all videos can be found on my YouTube ‘live performances’ playlist.





The System of a Down band were awesome – the whole audience (myself included!) were dancing, moshing, singing along, and generally loving it.  They ended with Sugar, which is my favourite SOAD song!  There are some videos of their performance up on YouTube.


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