It’s been an awesome week!  first big news: I’ve been invited to headline at The Kazbar in Llanelli this Saturday!

How exciting is that?!  I’m very proud of myself.  It’s going to be a 30 minute set, with a mix of original songs and covers – please come down and say hello! 🙂

Friday’s SFN Fundraiser went incredibly well; a few days before I was interviewed by Radio Tircoed’s Alison ‘Lenny’ Lenihan to promote the gig, where we discussed feminism, gender, and creativity.

L – R: Kat from Swansea Feminist Network, Lenny, me

The night itself was a blast – the turnout wasn’t as good as we’d hoped, but everyone there had a great time, and it was later confirmed that we raised almost £300 for Swansea Women’s Centre.  My set went down fairly well with the crowd, apart from 1 prick who was pointing and laughing at me when I was setting up and soundchecking.  He piped down when I started playing though.  I spoke to my friends about this afterwards, as it shook me up a little, and one told me that he had made some rude comment to her about her appearance, so he was clearly just being an obnoxious drunk knobhead.  I found that experience a little difficult to deal with, but everyone was very kind and supportive, reassuring me that I had done well to keep playing despite feeling shaken and unenthusiastic.  

Aside from that little blip, the set itself was one of my best, and I had a lovely time chatting with the other acts The Bambi Killers, No Obligation, and Cara Pearce – thanks guys!  

Unfortunately no one managed to take any good-quality photos of my performance, but here is a lovely one of me and my friends from SFN:

L- R: Caitlin, Kirsty, Kat, Ali, me, Nat, Adele

Off the back of that gig, I have been invited to perform at the Uplands Music Festival at the end of August! I’ll be playing the ‘Danu’ stage on Monday 26 August. All the details can be found on my ‘live’ page, and on Facebook. I’ve also got a few open mics planned for the next few weeks – details tbc nearer the time. 🙂

Other exciting things that are happening soon:

  • Website redesign.  I’m working on this with my partner Daf.  We’ve found a great template, we’re just sorting out the back-end now – I’m hoping to have it up and running in the next few weeks.  The new website looks great, and will have an integrated blog, so I won’t have different sites for different things!
  • A free live EP. Daf will be taking the audio from an upcoming gig 🙂
  • Promo shoot.  I need new photos of my red hair!
  • Live videos on YouTube.  We’ve been filming the last few gigs I’ve played, but haven’t managed to get some great footage yet due to poor lighting.  At the next few, we’re going to get hold of some lenses specifically for low-light venues, and hopefully we’ll get some good footage using those.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse 🙂

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