This exemplifies me perfectly.

Anyway.  Here are some fun/interesting/informative things I’ve been reading this month!

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, Disney say they aren’t backing down on that sexy Merida redesign, despite ‘Brave’ creator Brenda Chapman blasting Disney for the “blatant sexism” of the makeover.

Judith Butler’s theory of gender performativity explained with cats! (I still don’t get it though)

Lez Zeppelin, Vag Halen and AC/DShe – meet the all-female tribute bands (make sure you watch the clips)!  The women featured are incredible!

This is pretty eye-opening… and depressing.  Reasons why John Lennon was a horrible person.

In case you were in any doubt that we live in a rape culture, here’s broadcaster Nick Ross arguing that “not all rape is rape“.  My favourite quote: “Rape victims were once treated as though it was all their fault, but have we now gone too far the other way?”  How can you go “too far the other way” in treating rape victims like it’s their fault?! There should always be a bit of saying it’s their fault?

Shameless self-promotion here: I wrote a review of Clare Balding’s Secrets of a Suffragette for The F Word, check it out!

July is International Zine Month! What are you doing to celebrate?  Spill the Zines will hopefully be blogging about all 31 activities listed!

Twitter vs female protagonists in video games, or, this is what happens when you’re a woman on the internet with an opinion.

Just superb – everything that’s wrong this Moffat’s approach to gender in Doctor Who.

Amazing! What villains do on their day off.

Hacker Who Helped Expose Steubenville Could Get More Prison Time Than The 2 Convicted Rapists.”  That’s a real headline. And it’s true.  Humanity is fucked.

There’s a great new blog called The Fementalists, all about the intersection of feminism and mental health.  The other week, they shared an awesome post from But You Don’t Look Sick which details The Spoon Theory of disability and illness.  It’s a fantastic read.

@rosalarian‘s take on the nasty misogyny following Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. Perfect!

Check out this Amazing Batgirl/Nightwing themed wedding! 

New favourite tumblr: Flip the News, a blog that flips the gender or race of the subjects in news articles.

This made me laugh like a drain – The Sims career ladder was ridiculous, wasn’t it?

This is amazing. A woman calls out her boss on a sexualised poster he posted in her place of work, manages to effect change. High levels of badassery.

I can relate SO much to this blog! How Not To Be A Dick To Your Friend With A Digestive Disorder: 

Wishes do come true! How to make crème brulee dragon balls!

A great post on rape culture by Soc Images.

Here’s a 14-year-old named Tina covering Eddie Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ and killing it.

I love this brilliant reversal of all the Nice Guy moaning about the how terrible the friendzone is. It really gets to the heart of why I think complaints about being friendzoned are so gross.

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