Protesting with the SFN girls

 – Marched at Million Women Rise for the first time
An awesome day – read my photo report here.

 – Wrote another column for The Girls Are
This one is all about procrastination.

 – Baked cupcakes with my mum, and got in touch with my inner child:

 – Co-organised and attended the joint Swansea Feminist Network/Swansea Women’s Centre International Women’s Day event
This was a fantastic day – you can read my review of the event at the SFN blog.  I bought a knitted womb from one of the SFN girls, and when I showed my mum and auntie they loved mine so much that they asked me to buy them one each too!

Knitted womb!

 – Finished building my new website!
Take a look, it’s awesome.  Built thanks to the technical wizardry of Waj.

 – Took Toby for long walks on the beach, and took my favourite photo of Toby ever:

 – Went veggie for a week
A blog post documenting this experience will be posted soon!

 – Published the third issue of Pandora Press! 
I kinda rushed this issue a little bit so I could get it ready in time for the International Women’s Day, especially the artwork, but overall I’ve had lots of positive comments about it, so maybe I’m being too hard on myself.  It’ll be stocked in Marching Stars distro from next week onwards, or you can pick up a copy at any upcoming SFN event.

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