005. Graduate with a BA (Hons) in theology – completed!

What a day.  I’d been dreading it for weeks due to the fact that I didn’t make many proper friends on my course so I knew it was going to be awkward and long and tiring.  Thankfully, the day was well organised, so I was only sat on my own among the theology graduands for an hour or so.  The ceremony was long, and pretty boring, but I’m glad I went – I think I would’ve regretted skipping my own graduation.  It was also great for my parents, who were so proud of me. 🙂

Interestingly, I was the only person in the entire ceremony who had colourful hair.  I was quite proud of that fact; my parents, not so much.  At least they didn’t force me to dye it all brown as they were threatening too.  Also, I kept in my lip piercing for the photos. 😀

I was rocking the cap & gown look.

So now that I am a graduate, I am faced with the dreaded job hunt, which is disheartening – but plough on we must.

069. 10 books on feminism – completed! Here were my favourites:

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