My second single ‘Fire Song‘ is out now! This is one of my favourite songs from the upcoming album, and I’m immensely proud of it. 

Fire Song is about feeling trapped in comfortable monotony, and the life that others expected for you – feeling that calling for something more, and finally setting yourself free by burning it all down and emerging from the flames as a stronger, more authentic self. This echoes the journey I’ve taken with my music career – after years of fear, self-doubt, and feeling trapped in the comfortable safety of a corporate job, this year I finished writing my debut album, worked with a producer and studio to bring it to life, and started releasing music and performing again. This track represents my first steps on a journey out of the dark, a journey towards the place – and person – I’m meant to be.

If you’ve ever felt a call for something greater, if you’ve ever felt like a wild thing trapped in a gilded cage, if you’ve ever wanted to burn your life down to set yourself free … this song is for you.

‘Fire Song’ is now available to stream or download on all platforms, and you can find it here:

Spotify | Bandcamp | Deezer | Amazon Music | Apple Music


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