The official music video for ‘Frustrations’ is OUT NOW!



Created with Scott Chalmers, it’s my first music video and I’m immensely proud of it – I love how it captures the intense frenetic energy of the song. Check it out, and if you like it, please share the video to help get the word out! 


Creating the video

I wanted my first music video to be very striking and compelling, something that captures the intensity of the song, that grabs you from the start. I worked with videographer Scott Chalmers in his Southampton studio to create this, and we played around with half-time, double-time, a mix of hand-held and static shots, and blended it all together to make something glitchy and trippy and totally weird. I felt pretty nervous performing to a camera, especially without a piano (what do I do with my hands now??) but I chanelled my inner Kate Bush, and once I settled into the weirdness of performing to a room of three people I had an amazing time.

Read more about the song itself and what it means to me HERE


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