Trans Day of Visibility Covers Challenge

(TLDR: donate to Trans Aid Cymru and I’ll perform a cover of your choice!)

For this year’s Trans Day of Visibility, I’m raising money for Trans Aid Cymru, a local organisation who help Transgender, Non-Binary and Intersex people in Wales through mutual aid support. To support their vital work during what is a difficult time for trans people in Wales, I’m doing a covers challenge – all you need to do is donate any amount to Trans Aid Cymru via their website before 30 April, and I’ll perform any cover song of your choice! Yes, ANY cover, in any genre. Go wild! 

1. Donate any amount to Trans Aid Cymru before 30th April here:
2. Message me a screenshot with confirmation that you’ve donated, and your song request (please include title, artist name, and a link to the song online if possible)
3. I will upload the cover to my IG, Facebook and Twitter by mid-May, depending on how long it takes me to learn (let me know your @ and I’ll tag you in the posts too)

– 1 song request per donation, although you can donate more than once for a max of 3 song choices per person
– Nothing offensive/bigoted/hateful, obvs, and nothing super overly explicit
– No highly technical classical pieces (I’m like a grade 6 pianist at best)


Trans Day of Visibility is a day to celebrate trans people, and raise awareness of trans rights around the world.

Via Munroe Bergdorf:
“In the UK, trans people are navigating a transphobic media environment reminiscent of the bigotry, hostility and hysteria demonstrated against gay men during the 1980’s. Transgender healthcare is in free fall, with waiting lists surpassing 5+ years for a first appointment. Non binary people are still not legally recognised by law and 1 in 3 employers say that that they would not employ a transgender person.
In the US trans youth are facing nationwide anti-trans bills intended to prohibit trans girls from playing school sports and to criminalise healthcare professionals from providing trans kids with gender affirming, lifesaving healthcare. Not to mention the ongoing epidemic of black trans women being murdered as a result of male violence.

Yes, visibility and representation are important and it’s amazing that our stories are being told. It’s fantastic and that trans youth now have role models to look up to and that we are getting to speak for ourselves, but we can’t be afraid to demand more. We can’t let visibility become a bandaid on a bullet hole, when the reality is that so many in our global trans community are in desperate need of far more than they have access to. Change comes with ACTION.”

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