I’ve got 2 gigs coming up this month: I’m performing live on Swansea Bay TV on Tuesday 9th May, and at BiFest Wales on Saturday 13th May. Check out my gigs page for more info!

Other things I’ve been up to this spring:

  • Daf and I spent a long weekend in Cardiff last month, which has become a bit of an annual tradition for us (I love Cardiff!). We visited the Doctor Who Experience for the final time before it closes permanently this summer, paid our respects at the Ianto shrine, ate ice cream in the sunshine down Cardiff Bay, went on a boat ride, and hung out in Bute Park.

IMG_6707 Cropped TNVQ2081 IMG_6834 IMG_6802

On the Friday night we saw Rent live in the Millenium Centre, which was amazing! Rent is one of my favourite musicals (even though I think some of the politics are iffy), and I was chuffed to be able to catch it on its UK tour. And I bought this excellent shirt on the merch stall:

We also ate lots of tasty foods, and can particularly recommend Wahaca, Yakitori, and Cafe Rouge. We had kindof an embarrassing experience at Wahaca – we accidentally crashed a private party in the upstairs bar, ordered obsenely expensive tequilas in an attempt to be adventurous (I hate tequila, but the restuarant insisted that real tequila tastes better than the tequila bars sell in the UK, especially when drunk with their homemade sangrita). After ordering our drinks we were asked to leave, had to take our drinks back into the restaurant and sat at a table to drink – and then the final indignity was that they were horrible. My tequila was described as “smooth and buttery” but it was nothing of the sort – and sangrita was just cold spicy tomato puree.

wahaca tequila cardiffIMG_6637

  • I had my first floatation / sensory deprivation tank experience! It was something I’d wanted to try for a while as I’d heard it can be beneficial for creativity and stress relief, plus there’s one right around the corner from my workplace so it would be super convenient. So after some research, I booked an appointment, and gave it a go. The float took 1 hour in total in a tank within a private shower room. I found the experience quite challenging in ways I hadn’t expected – I thought I would feel claustrophobic and cold in the tank, but it was actually very spacious and comfortable. Instead, I found myself feeling too scared of the dark to turn off the tank light, and I struggled to switch my mind off and relax – perhaps the stillness allowed my mind to chatter away. I’m not sure I did it ‘the right way’ but I’ve booked another 2 sessions to see if they’re any better – I read that the first float is often difficult to get into.

floatation tank swansea shower floatation tank swansea

After the float I was shown to the relaxation room, where I was encouraged to stay and chill out for as long as I wanted before going back out to the world. I had a 20-min massage in a massage chair, drank herbal tea, and doodled in the guestbook where people were encouraged to draw what their float experience felt like. It was lovely, and I enjoyed admiring other people’s artwork.

lazy-frog-floatation chillout room Croppedfloatation tank lazy frog swansea

  • I made seedbombs for the first time! A seedbomb is a little ball made of compost, clay and seeds, and is used to disperse seeds to get wildflowers to grow in disused/abandoned lots. I threw some into a disused patch of land behind my house, and some in particular spots in my neighbourhood. Hopefully there’ll be some pretty flowers growing there over the coming weeks.

Seed bombs hardening in the sun!

Mixtape of the Month: the morning after

I went out partying and made this sad, self-indulgent playlist in the midst of hangover anxiety. Melodrama aside, there are some great songs here – check it out:

Speaking of which – if you listen to music on Spotify, there’s a small thing you can do that will be a big help to me: FOLLOW me there! Once I get to 250 followers, Spotify will verify my account, which opens up lots of possibilities for my music. If you have a second, please click “follow” below – it’ll be a huge help


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