Following an invocation to the power of Patti Smith, we’re back! After a two-year break, Birkenstomp is raising its banner in celebration of all things girl and queer.

Confirmed so far:

♀ Think Pretty – Two piece riot grrrl art rockers from Cardiff, featuring TOKEN (cis) MALE PERFORMER (it’s the drummer).

♀ Amo Rex – A massive welcome back to our dulcet-toned butch cowgirl froms the diff.

♀ Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces (TWATSS) – shitty punk band gently exploring the fine nuances of gender politics.

♀ Jelly Roll – HIGHLY recommended vintage sex song band from Bristol featuring band members such as Jelly Roll, Meat Balls, Golden Muffin, Bow Fiddley and Misty Marshmallow. Expect fiddles, trilbys and harlot dresses.

♀ JAKE – A welcome return to our poet in residence (not really, we just don’t let them go anywhere because we love them).

♀ Josie Henley-Einion – performance writer. The last time she performed, she sang us The Uterus Song (AKA The 13 Days of January) and it was hilarious and made us wince and wet ourselves.

♀ Barry Island Drag King – BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Because he’s naughty and hawt and is called Barry. We been asked to not let children see, so avert their eyes if they’ve not left by then.

♀ Renn – performance poet, blogger, host of the Juke Open Mic night which also takes place at the Little Man Coffee Co

♀ Efa Supertramp – North Walian punk lass, usually caught hanging out in cat pubs or touring the likes of FinlandGermanyEstoniaFranceHollandetc.etc.etc. Angry angry music. Always smiling. Cognitive dissonance!

♀ Catherine Elms – dark cabaret / rock / grunge. Catherine did an independent release of her EP ‘So Far from Whole’ and she’s coming from abroad* to play for us!

♀ Sam Hickman – A welcome return to Sam Hickman, harpist, busker, all round good egg. Probably the only one bringing class to our sordid little venture.

♀ Ellen Davies – poet (more info soon)

♀ Eve Moriarty – ‘Eve is a poet (for which she’s won awards) and a feminist (for which she hasn’t). From Lancashire via Swansea, she’s got a funny accent and a whole set of angsty milennial poetry dealing with gender, history and mental illness. Bad jokes an optional extra.

♀ Eleri Angharad – Alt-Pop from Swansea, inspired by Taylor Swift and Gabrielle Aplin. She has one EP out ‘Ticket to the Sky’ and another one on the way, inc. her latest single ‘Fuel’.

♀ Cara Pearce – Acoustic pop from Swansea (more info soon).

What else?

♀ The Empty Cages Collective – workshop on the gendered harms of the prison system

♀ A- Grrrls stall – anarcho-feminist books, pamphlets, zines, information about protests, dirty thoughtful stickers and glitter.

♀ Dinah Vagina – Sex-positive ceramics workshop – ‘make a clitoris’


We dunno. A raffle? Maybe.

AS ALWAYS, THIS EVENT IS FREE (although, for the first time ever, we will be passing a bucket around to try to raise cash for the numerous artists donating their time, materials and bus tickets to get here). It’s ACCESSIBLE (we will also endeavor to keep all workshops on the ground floor). It’s CHILD-FRIENDLY (to a point). We don’t know when kicking out time for kids is. We’ll find out. Obviously, it’s trans-inclusive. Do we need to even say that?

* Swansea

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