Exciting news!  As previously mentioned on my blog, I’ve been recording a studio EP this summer, which will be titled ‘So Far From Whole’.  I need to pay for 1 final day in the studio to finish recording the drum parts, and need your help to fund it!

The entire EP including studio time, promotional material, artwork, and photography has been funded from my own money up until now.  I’m just shy of the last £200 to cover the final studio day, so if you can help me fund this last little piece of the project, we can make it happen. 🙂  This will be my first studio EP in 6 years, and I’m so excited to get it out there.

I’ve chosen a range of rewards, all of which act as a pre-order for the EP.  There are some cool extras available too.  Please take a look at my Kickstarter page and consider making a pledge.

I love the project video, created by my talented partner Daf Turner.  I feel a bit embarrassed about how awkward I am in front of a camera, but done is better than perfect.  The more I put myself out there, the better I’ll get – I try to remind myself that it’s ok to be imperfect publicly!

And speaking of which, this video was recorded using the very high-tech method of balancing a webcam on the back of a chair, and using my iPhone taped to a tripod as a boom mic. I like to think of my musical ventures as resourceful, if nothing else. 😉


IMG_1482 (Copy)IMG_9383



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