Lots of stuff going on at the moment!

1. Lots of gigs coming up – all are listed on my “shows” page.

2. New lyric videos are available on my YouTube channel, expertly put together by Daf Turner!  Here’s the video for ‘Wallflower’:

3. Last summer I performed live on Radio Tircoed’s Acoustic Programme – you can now listen to the performance and a short Q&A on my YouTube channel.

4. I’m incredibly proud to have been featured on Swansea University’s website as part of their ‘Inspiring Women‘ initiative; showcasing the range of successful and inspiring women working, studying and supporting Swansea University both past and present.  My profile is alongside associate professors, heads of colleges, award-winning academics, and the “top 180 female achievers in the country”! Read it here.

5. I’ve now set up a Soundcloud profile where you can listen to all my music; it’s exactly the same as what’s available on the website already, but y’know.

6. I had a really productive recording session last week – we were in such a state of flow that I didn’t take any pictures or videos to share, but here you can see some from last month’s session.

7. My GAD is on the mend!  I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m feeling loads better.

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