Halloween is possibly my favourite holiday – any excuse to decorate and wear fancy dress – and this halloween was one of the best ever!

We have an annual tradition where we watch all the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes in October – my faves are The Shinning, The Raven, and Easy Bake Coven.  We also watched a few episodes of Goosebumps, and the halloween Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes (Salem is my homeboy).

treehouse of horrora IMG (77)

The week before, Daf and I went to Alton Towers for Scarefest!  For the last 2 weeks of October, Alton Towers is open until 9pm, and as well as being able to experience the rides in the dark they hold special walk-through “scare mazes” and the park is filled with actors dressed as ghouls jumping out and scaring people!  We had SO much fun.

alton Towers Scarefestpumpkin alton towers

The park looked so cool in the dark.



We got to ride The Smiler in the front, in the dark!  It was probably the best ride experience of my life 😀




The week of halloween, we decorated the house with lots of cute decorations:

halloween candlespumpkin halloween decorations (Copy)

eyes in bushes glow stick decoration

We made our own halloween spooky eyes to hide in the bush outside the front door!  Based on this tutorial (not quite as good as theirs, but we tried!).

halloween mail post

Is there anything better than a huge pile of mail greeting you when you get home from work?

halloween bats decorations (Copy)halloween trick or treat sweets (Copy)

We carved Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins, which turned out SO much better than expected! (mine is Oogie Boogie on the right)

Jack Skellington pumpkin carving (Copy)Nightmare Before Christmas stick-on earrings (Copy)Nightmare Before Christmas stick-on earrings (Copy)

On the Wednesday before, we went to see Ghostbusters in the cinema, which was awesome!  

a IMG (39)a IMG (91) 

My parents and Toby dressed up for their halloween night walkies (in case you ever wondered where I get my silliness from)!

dog pumpkin halloween costume (Copy)halloween fancy dress ghouls (Copy)

On the left: Toby dressed as a pumpkin (we had to buy him a baby outfit, as he was too fat for dog costumes), my parents in a variety of halloween masks (note how my dad is wearing his glasses over the mask).

For the night of halloween, Daf, Kirsty and I went to the Masons annual fancy dress party.  This was my second cosplay experience, and I decided to dress as Samara from The Ring.


Another #thering pic (creepy effect slightly ruined by the china dogs in the background) #halloween #cosplay #samara


A photo posted by Cath (@catherineelms) on

  the ring samara cosplay Catherine Elms

Unfortunately the dress I bought for the costume didn’t arrive in time (meanie eBay seller lying about when they dispatched it!) so I had to wear a white lace dress which isn’t right for the costume, but it got the point across.  I also wanted to do more with the make up on my arms and legs (make my skin look grey rather than white) but I was in a bit of a rush and the bar was too dark for that level of detail to be noticable anyway.  A few people complimented me on my costume so I must’ve been recognisable enough!

Reference photo used:

samara the ring movie

Daf went as Ash from Evil Dead II and he looked amazing!


Another photo of my Ash from #EvilDead #Halloween costume.


A photo posted by Daffydd Turner (@daffyddturner) on

  Hail to the King, baby. #groovy #EvilDead #Halloween   A photo posted by Daffydd Turner (@daffyddturner) on

Reference image:

Lots of people had amazing costumes at the party, here are my faves:

halloween costumes the masons arms

halloween party the masons arms

Afterwards we got a chinese takeaway and watched Goosebumps on Netflix for the rest of the night 🙂

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