As much as I love playing gigs, I find them incredibly scary and frightening, and I get nervous for days ahead of every single gig.  I had hoped that after playing enough gigs I’d eventually feel less like a nervous wreck beforehand, but sadly this isn’t the case.  So lately, I’ve adopted several helpful practices that calm and focus my anxious brain.  I always try to block out a few hours prior for these self-care techniques; I’ve learned that when I have to rush straight to a gig after work, I get very flustered and it makes my fear ten times worse.

So here are the things I like to do before every gig, to ease my performance anxiety:

1. Run through my set at least once, so it’s firmed up in my mind.


2. Do gentle stretches and yoga positions

3. Have a relaxing bath or a shower singing session

4. Eat a light, healthy meal, with a cup of peppermint tea to soothe my churning stomach.

5. Watch this video:

“A failure is a try that didn’t work – you can either regret trying, or applaud yourself for trying.”

6. Blow dry, straighten and backcomb my hair

7. Put on a full face of make-up


8. Dance around in my bedroom getting ready listening to one of the following albums:

Azealia Banks Fantasea

…and then I’m ready to pack up, leave the house, and kick some butt 🙂

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