Free live EP out now!

Posted by Catherine Elms on January 31, 2014 Blog posts | Live EP | | One comment
Live EP cover

Live EP cover

My live EP is now available to download for free! It was recorded in The Masons Arms, and features the following original tracks:

1. Monochrome
2. Wallflower
3. Lovers Are Liars
4. Legs Crossed

You can download it on my Bandcamp page.

A note on pricing: Although it is listed for free, I’m currently trying to save up some money to record and release a proper studio EP later this year, so if anyone wants to donate some money towards this by means of paying some money towards the purchase, that would be incredibly helpful. Bandcamp has a “set your price” function, so even if you only want to donate a few pence, it’s still a help! 🙂

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