Just a quick blog post to let y’all know that I’m giving away a load of shit for free on my gumtree page!


I’ve had a huge tidy up of my bedroom, and have accrued a lot of things that I just don’t want/need/use anymore, and I figured someone else could give them a good home (I could give them to a charity shop, but they’ll probably languish on a shelf for months and months, so I figured I’d try this route first).

They’re all cheap bits and pieces, so I’m giving them away.  Free postage, apart from the heavy items.

If there’s anything you fancy, get in touch ASAP! I’m only keeping all this stuff listed for a month or so, after which I’ll donate anything leftover to a local charity shop.  FCFS.

ETA: everything was taken within 2 days!  Thank you internet!

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