So 3 weeks ago I performed at New Directions Theatrical Society‘s winter revue!  It was lots of fun, and my pieces went really well.  Here’s me and some of the lovely ladies from the cast in our costumes.  How good is my blonde wig? My face doesn’t look like my face!

And here’s one that’s not quite so silly:

Other news: the 4th issue of Pandora Press is FINALLY out!  You can buy a copy for £1 at any upcoming SFN event.  I’m quite happy with my cover design too:

Pandora Press 4 cover

November and December have been busy, sociable months – I’ve been struggling a little with some ongoing health issues, which has meant that I’ve been a little quiet online recently, but other than that I’ve had a lovely winter.

I have a shitload of handmade gifts to make for Christmas, so I’m probably not going to get a chance to update properly until after Christmas.  Keep your eyes open for a 2012 review, like last year’s.  I also finished the Day Zero Project last month, and need to write a long blog post about my experiences with that 2.75-year challenge.

This was a bit of a rubbish blog update.

I'm so tired!- I have so much to do! - I'm so lazy
GPOY o’clock

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