by Lizzy Stewart –

Things I Should Be Doing:

– Making my bed/unfucking my habitat

–  Catching up on my appalling backlog of emails in my numerous email accounts

– Learning ‘Very Superstitious’ and ‘Moves Like Jagger’ on bass

– Maintaining my vegetable patch:

– Starting to put together the next issue of ‘Pandora Press’

– Writing in my diary

– Writing zine reviews for Spill the Zines

– Working on the tenth issue of my zine – it’s been in the pipeline for over 6 months now!

– Exercising

– Clearing the unread items in my Google Reader

– Writing music

– Finishing my big pile of on-half books:


Things I Am Actually Doing:

– Attempting to read the entire internet, starting with (if you were planning on getting anything done today, I suggest you do not click that link)

– Looking at pretty pictures of Tom Hiddleton on tumblr (another addition, along with the rest of The Avengers main cast, to the “people my vagina would like to be friends with” list)

– Writing crappy blog posts like this one because I need to update my blog with something already!

Sorry guys, I’m working longer hours at work and am struggling to function like a normal human being by doing more than just work, eat and sleep.  To make up for my uselessness, here’s a funny cat picture:

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