2011 Review: Proper Lists

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Five Best Things About 2011

1. Graduating from University

2. Getting my first proper job

3. Co-founding the Swansea Feminist Network

4. Playing a few gigs

5. Getting over my depression

Five New Experiences of 2011

1. Being employed and having my own money

2. Getting a facial piercing (7 months and I still love it!)

3. Trying lobster and scallops – om.

4. Getting my own typewriter

5. Getting my PostSecret published on the official website! (no I’m not telling you which one is mine)

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

1. Finish my epic university-themed zine

2. Attend Million Women Rise

3. Either do a Moonwalk or a Race for Life

4. Complete at least 50 Day Zero Project tasks in total

5. Join a band

This is one of my favourite photos of 2011 - doesn't Toby look handsome in his Christmas clothes?!


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