Hello again!  Sorry I haven’t blogged for ages, I’ve been really busy. That’s not me trying to subtly hint that I have some sort of exciting life, by the way. By ‘busy’ I mean writing essays, dealing with household bills, handing in keys, that sort of thing.

I handed in my dissertation last week.  I have officially finished my degree.

God, I look tired. I was incredibly tired.

The last few days of my degree were spent saying goodbyes to my friends at Nottingham, catching up on my sleep, and crying with relief and pride that I actually made it to the end (and for the last year, really enjoyed it all).  The last two weeks were incredibly hectic – I barely had time to sleep and shower, and by the end of it all I could feel my mental capabilities deteriorating by the hour.  I’m pretty worried about the dissertation and what they’ll think of what I wrote, but I’m trying to push that to the back of my mind.  It has been submitted now, so there’s nothing I can do.  I’ll miss Nottingham – the academic life, although tiring, was very rewarding.  I also made some great friends towards the end that I’ll truly miss.  I have plans to make an epic university-themed zine over the summer where I’ll go into these things in more detail, complete with university ephemera and mementos.

I’m currently at home in Wales, for the foreseeable future!  I’ve spent the last few days spending time with my family, catching up on my sleep, eating proper food again (I lived on coffee and crisps for the last few days of uni), unpacking my uni stuff into my little room at home, cuddling my dog, and taking long baths.  It’s been so lovely.  But I’m back on my feet again, ready to get busy!  This has led me to consider that direction I take my life in for the next few years.  I’m no longer tied down to anything (well, aside from my financial restrictions), so the world is my oyster.

To suit my systematic brain, here is the list I came up with:

1. Zines
Find/create another comp-zine to edit.  Continue writing Here. In My Head. Hopefully publish more frequently now that I have the time.  Contribute to more comp-zines – being an editor for 2 years, I now fully appreciate just how difficult it is to motivate people to submit things for publication. Read and trade more zines.  Get a PO Box.  Keep Spill the Zines up and running efficiently. Write more zine reviews.

2. Music
Sort out my piano-playing… possibly get lessons.  Join a band as a bassist (I need to get some confidence back, and playing bass seems like it would be fun, without the pressure of performing solo).  Gig my solo stuff, when I’m feeling more confident. Write more songs.  Finish recording the album.  Check out the Swansea music scene.

3. Feminism
I’ve joined the Swansea Feminist Network, and intend to get massively involved with its conception and development.  Also, contribute to more feminist blogs and zines.  Contribute to The F Word.  Read more feminist books.  Attend more protests and events.

4. Misc.
Go camping. Visit Stonehenge. Do a Race for Life. Learn how to knit.  Learn how to use my sewing machine.  Make a PostSecret. Try lobster.  Fly a kite.  Give up Facebook for a fortnight.  Make a vlog.  Start taking self-defence lessons. Try yoga.

Day Zero Update: lots of the university/Women’s Network things have been crossed off the list, including “068. Continue going to Feministy events with the Women’s Network“.  Unfortunately, I failed one – “017. Get involved in a Women’s Network campaign“, as the Women’s Network didn’t put on any campaigns during the 1001 days.  Oh well.

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