This month, Hannah (Not Lonely zine) and I are opening Spill the Zines ( – a blog about UK zine culture with resources, reviews, news, and announcements posted regularly.

To establish Spill the Zines as a useful and comprehensive resource, we’d like you to email us any news or announcements you have – we want to hear everything, including the publication of the latest issue of your zine, calls for submissions, zine events and public meet-ups, zine-related blog posts, the opening of a new distro/zine website, and anything else you can think of!  If you have any news or info to send the editors, please get in touch

Music Update: my website has been updated, now featuring music blog Electric City‘s lovely reviews of my work. Also, don’t forget to download your free copy of Gimme A Cure on Bandcamp. 

101 Things Update: Watched quite a few films on the IMDB Top 250 recently; some good, some not so good.  Updated list here.  Apart from that, no news!  I promise I’ll do or write something interesting soon!

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