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The free single has arriveddddddddddd!  This is waaaay overdue, but as mentioned before, Hank is so ridiculously busy that he’s barely had time to do anything else.

You can download Gimme a Cure FOR FREE at – go do it now, and spread the word! 🙂  I’ve set up a “name your price” option, so you can donate as much or as little as you want to help me fund the recording of the rest of the album.  I own the copyright to the song, so if you guys want to make copies of the song or broadcast the song publicly (e.g. online) please get in touch first – I won’t say no, but I just need to know!  Don’t break the law, chaps – if in doubt, just gimme an email or a message on Twitter.  More on copyright here.

Gimme a Cure is the newest song of the whole album, written in its entirety last summer.  Here I grapple with issues of the male gaze, wanting to be wanted without knowing why, and feelings of insecurity.  This is the song I never thought anyone would like.  It makes me sad when I hear it, because these used to be very powerful emotions for me, and sometimes still are, although recently I’m much more emotionally grounded than I’ve ever been.

(It’s a grower… give it a few listens before judging it!)

Next week the second song of the free single will be up for download: I Miss You!

In other news, I’ve donated a pile of my zines and EPs to Hadass Ben-Ari, editor of Israel-based feminist zine Fallopian Falafel, for the grrrlVIRUS sale “Crafts for a Cause“.  All proceeds will be donated to the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center.  If you’re interested in donating, get in touch with Hadass at fallopian_falafelATgmailDOTcom!

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