Not Lonely #4
Hannah, UK –
Hannah continues to impress me with how prolific she is in her zine-making. As usual, this issue of Not Lonely did not disappoint.  This is the list issue, specifically focusing on lists of fours.  She lists 4 reasons for why Not Lonely #4 took longer than her previous zines have taken, 4 of the best times of day to have a cuppa, 4 bad habits (including forgetting people’s names and faces – me too!), 4 reasons she is like a granny, and 4 things she likes and dislikes in books.  The layouts are really gorgeous in this zine, with lots of typewritten pages and cute handwritten notes – I think it’s the most visually pleasing issue yet.  Not Lonely is one of the rare few zines that completely absorbs me when I start reading.  When Hannah posted me this issue, I opened the package in the kitchen and started flicking through the zine there and then, while the kettle boiled.  Before I knew it, I’d read the whole thing in a matter of minutes without even thinking!  Some zines can be a little laborious to read, but Hannah’s zines are just lovely easy reads.  Perfect!

Brainscan #22: A Practical Body Modification
Alex Wrekk, US – alexATsmallworldbuttonsDOTcom
Alex Wrekk is a fantastic writer; she’s been creating zines for over a decade, and she’s listed among many people’s favourite zinesters.  This issue comes in a little pretty envelope, and deals with her experiences of getting an IUD (Intra-Uterine Device, known as ‘the coil’ in the UK).  She talks about what an IUD is exactly, the advantages and disadvantages of getting one fitted, the reasons that led to her decision to get one, the complications that arose during the procedure, and the politics of getting in IUD in the US.  She also some frequently-asked questions at the back, including whether her boyfriend can feel it during sex.  Very entertaining and informative, with a lovely layout.

You’ve Got A Friend In Pennsylvania #3
Sari, US –
Damn, I enjoyed this zine so much. In this quarter-sized feminist perzine, Sari writes about zombies, body hair and essays on shaving various parts of the body (armpits, legs, face, and pubic area), and girl-hate.  Ze discusses being a perpetrator of girl hate, and examples of girl-hate around hir, including girl-hate and sexism within hir local punk scene, which was interesting, if a little saddening, to read.  The section on shaving was also really interesting, especially hir thoughts on the divide between hairy (non-shaved) feminists and shaved feminists.   At 48 pages, it’s a pretty long  zine packed with writing, which is just the kind of zine I love to read.  The topics discussed are typically exciting feminist fare, and left me feeling very inspired, which is how the best zines should leave you feeling.  The layout is visually pleasing too, with a few nice little black and white photographs taken by Sari on hir trip to Slovenija. Just lovely.

How Do You Take It #1
Tasha, Australia –
This zine was so lovely!  Tasha has written lots of zines in the past, but this is the first issue of a new series focusing on Tasha herself.  She discusses her quirks, such as enjoying hot hot showers and getting irritable when she’s hungry (me too, Tasha!), never growing out of cutting her own hair, and thoughts on tea and coffee.  She also writes a passionate feminist rant on breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, discussing the misogynistic idea that a woman’s breasts are only suitable for public when they’re being displayed sexually, and the idea that you’re either pro-bottle or anti-bottle – society should support women in whatever choice they make!  The best thing about this zine delivery was all the freebies she included!  There was a tiny 2″x3″ zine called “these things make me happy” (similar to Twt #2, but much better drawn), a lovely handwritten note, and an adorable mini-zine about a little spider’s adventures to outer space, with text by Tasha and drawings by her young son Bastian! Sooo cute!

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