Personas, questions, and “Sanity Is Slavery”

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A rare mid-week update today; I’m going to start updating my blog more often, I promise.

I’ve been seriously considering changing the name of my ‘act’, so to speak.  Although I don’t dislike my given name, I do think it’s very boring, and everytime I write it down somewhere or think about it, all I can think about is years of exams and schooling, and writing my name over and over on exam papers and application forms.  The name “Catherine Elms” makes me think of what I might call my academic self – shy, unassertive,  complicit, boring.  Ugh.  Even looking at it written down right there on the screen is making me slightly uncomfortable.  I want a name that fits better with my music, a name that is slightly unusual, interesting and different.

I feel as if my music persona is different to what might be called my ‘private’ persona.  I think it needs to be that way – as a naturally shy person, I can’t shuffle on stage and mumble “I’m Catherine, I hope you enjoy the show...”  I need to be a different person, one that isn’t afraid to speak her mind and kick some ass.  A band name would be a nice, neat way of seperating my public persona from my private persona, but if I seperate my music persona from my actual self, then which voice should I use in this blog?  And where does the zine stuff come into all that?  As usual, all thoughts on what I’ve mentioned are very welcome – should I change my musician name, and if so, has anyone got any ideas?  Should I continue making zines, and if so, what is the relationship between my zine and my blog?  In which “voice” should I write my blog and zine – my more confident musician voice, or my meek personal voice?  I’m a very indecisive person, so I need some advice!

Anyway, enough rambling.  Here is the big music news of the month: my song “Not Sorry” has been chosen to be featured on machineKUNT Records’ compilation CD “Sanity is Slavery”!  10% of proceeds go to go to MindFreedom International, an organization dedicated to mental health rights and stopping psychiatric abuse.  I fear my song will not stand up to the quality of the other songs, but I trust that Rachel Haywire, the woman behind machineKUNT Records, chose my song for good reason.  Rachel has said some kind things about my music that I am very grateful for; it’s great to meet some supportive people in the music industry.

Here is the official announcement for the compilation, which can also be found on

The musical fight has begun. Raising awareness on forced institutionalization, stigma and abuse toward the mentally ill, the overmedication of artistic misfits, and a status quo definition of reality- the 2 CD digipack compilation entitled “Sanity is Slavery” will be released on machineKUNT Records in June 2010 and include a free digital bonus disc. 10% of proceeds will go to MindFreedom International, an organization dedicated to mental health rights and stopping psychiatric abuse.

The compilation features 48 diverse (mostly unreleased) tracks from artists across the globe including Attrition, Hanin Elias, Leæther Strip, amGod, Pzychobitch, and Trimetrick. It is being mastered by Kolja Trelle of Soman.



1. Leæther Strip – Happy Pills (Gimmie Gimmie)
2. Pzychobitch – Insane
3. Trimetrick – Beware
4. Hanin Elias – Do You Know
5. Empusa ft. Miss FD – Therapy III
6. Experiment Haywire – Reality is Dead
7. Necrotek – Supernatural Breakdown
8. Attrition – Predicament
9. Verbazlier – Angels Dwell
10. ICI – Master Slave
11. Society Burning – One Foot Nailed to the Floor
12. UCNX – Burning Slowly Down
13. Azida – Mister Die
14. Psyche Corp. – Wonderland
15. Angel of Violence – Mr. Sleep
16. Psy’Aviah – Demons In Mind


1. amGod – Like a Prayer (Insanity mix)
2. Cindergarden – Medicine
3. Syrenn – These Skeletons
4. Lucidstatic – Fistula
5. Johan Ess – A Treatise On Dionysian Oligarchy
6. EAT BABIES? – The Tender Surrender
7. Curiosity – Tarpit
8. Nurvuss – Tomorrow
9. Lady Parasyte – Sirens
10. De-Tached – Twitch
11. AfterChain – You Broke It
12. Zen Debris – Lucid
13. Lady Mystery – Breaking
14. Choronzon – Disdain Transcends
15. Darklilly – Happiness Can Be Small
16. Studio-X – Axis Temple

DISC 3: (digital bonus disc)

1. Hate in the Box – Bloody Ballerina
2. Lip Service – Model Actress Whatever (Nerwrak mix)
3. Produkt – Decay
4. Malfaktor – The Seed
5. Autoclav1.1 – Walk On Empty (Rydal mix)
6. Vernian Process – Unhallowed Metropolis
7. Daniel Cox ft. Wei – Lost in Translation
8. The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Bizzy
9. Amber Codon – Violet (Hole cover)
10. Protea – Anansi
11. Cyranoid – The Polygon
12. Apocalypse Vacant – Behind Fiction
13. Sabotage – God is Dead
14. Catherine Elms – Not Sorry
15. JuL!e D:stroy – Ladie’s Night
16. Strangelette – Send in the Klowns


(03.05.10 – edited to remove some superfluous moaning)

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