One of my main non-music hobbies is cosplay, and every year my friends and I hit up Nerdvana (AKA Carmarthen Comic Con) in full costume to get involved in some fun geekery! This was the 3rd year of Nerdvana, and as usual we had a lovely time.

IMG_1157 (Copy)

IMG_1118 (Copy)

I cosplayed as Daredevil (Netflix series version), which turned out so well! I’ll write a detailed post about the cosplay in the future.


IMG_1124 (Copy)IMG_1125 (Copy)

IMG_1154 (Copy)IMG_1155 (Copy)


Reference photo:




clint elwyn thomas

Me next to Tate Langdon – photo by Clint Elwyn Thomas


Daf was John Constantine:

IMG_1138 (Copy)IMG_1126 (Copy)



What a cutie!

IMG_1145 (Copy)


Reference photo:

CONSTANTINE First Official Image_5321deca57a783.18223099

Kirsty was Cosima Niehaus dressed as Alison Hendrix (Orphan Black):

IMG_1137 (Copy)

Reference photo:


I was awarded a “highly commended” accolade in the cosplay competition, which was quite the achievement next to the other excellent cosplayers on display. The other winners were the Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, and War Doctor (Doctor Who):

IMG_1135 (Copy)

Some of my other favourite cosplays seen throughout the day included:

  • Deathstroke
  • Tate Langdon
  • A toddler as 11th Doctor
  • A little girl as Iron Man, paired with light-up Batman shoes
  • A little boy dressed as the Joker, covered in purple glitter

The event was much quieter and there seemed to be less going on than in previous years, which was a shame – I also felt it didn’t have quite the same friendly community feel as the last two years. Nonetheless, it was a fun event which we look forward to visiting next year.


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