Last Friday I performed live and was interviewed on Radio Tircoed‘s Friday night show Off The Radar. I played a few tracks of my own, including a new one titled “Don’t Wanna Leave Alone”, answered some questions about my work and my influences, and got to talk about and share some of my favourite music.  I know a few people were disappointed that they missed it, so I’ve recorded the broadcast and will upload it in the next few days so you can listen back!

Radio Tircoed Off The Radar Catherine Elms Phil Huntley live
My view
live on air!
Phil and I after the show

Although it was a very scary at first, I had such a good time!  I really enjoyed talking about my favourite music and my influences, and it filled me up with an energy to write new material again.  It was also good to hear Phil’s recommendations for me!  Phil’s show is on every Friday night between 10pm and 12 – you should definitely check it out sometime to show your support for independent unsigned artists.

On Thursday night I played a lounge set at Discovery Swansea‘s AGM/celebration evening!  Again, it was very scary, but went really well.  Then on Friday night I played another lounge set at Parc Y ScarletsInternational Women’s Day celebration dinner.  This was the best gig of the three – I felt fairly confident and relaxed, and I even received a round of applause from the audience afterwards!  A few people came up to me afterwards to congratulate me on a job well done, which was so amazing to hear. <3

live lounge set Parc Y Scarlets International Womens Day Catherine Elms
Parc Y Scarlets International Women’s Day celebration dinner

Then on Saturday I left the house at 6.30am to travel to London for Million Women Rise, an annual protest march on violence against women!  Million Women Rise is my favourite national protest march, and I’ve been every year for the last 3 years.  It was such an uplifting and inspiring day; the atmosphere was inclusive and empowering, and the speakers at the rally afterwards were incredible.  We even had lovely weather!

Million Women Rise 2014 feminist protest march London

Million Women Rise feminist protest march 2014 London




There are loads of great photos by Demotix here.

Afterwards we went for food and fancy cocktails at The Two Chairmen, where I got a bit tipsy 🙂

french Martini The Two Chairmen
French Martini!
Mai Tai Ritz fizz cocktails The Two Chairmen
Mai Tai and Ritz Fizz

We finally got home at 1am, upon which I collapsed into bed in a heap.  Yesterday was the first time I’d really stopped for days, so I recuperated by watching Hannibal, eating Cantonese food, and reading zines.

It’s been a very busy week, especially given that the gigs took place on work nights after I’d been in work all day!  Of course, I’m really happy with how everything went, and very proud of myself for all I’ve achieved in a short space of time. 🙂

My next public gig is on Saturday 29 March at Llanelli Music Scene’s Band of the Month night.  I’m the opening act for local bands Zookeepers and The Powder Monkeys.  There’s lots more info here.  Should be a really good night!

Llanelli Band of the Month Kilkenny Cat Zookeepers The Powder Monkeys Catherine Elms

This gig will be taking place 2 days before I fly away to JAPAN!! I am so excited!  I’m currently in the process of slowly learning basic Japanese phrases.  Shiawase da wa!!

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