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I performed at Mozarts for the first time this month, which was such a good gig!  I was incredibly nervous, my hands were shaking and my mouth kept drying out and I’m not sure I performed at my best, but I got through it despite my nerves, and got lots of positive comments.  Plus, the organiser Sera told me my music reminded her of Kate Bush!  🙂 The following week, I played a great gig at Jack Murphy’s in Swansea (above), and although I was nervous there too it was a really good set, and the other acts were really kind and complimentary.  Unfortunately I’ve been ill for the last 6 weeks or so (such a pain!), so I’ve taken some time away from gigging while I recover and am currently spending some time back in my music room working on new songs.

I’ve struggled a little lately with feeling really nervous when I’m on stage; I think it’s because I’ve felt kinda ill and so haven’t been at the top of my game, and I worry that people will be disappointed by my performances.  I feel really bad that I have to take some time away from performing live, but then again I’d rather play a really good set when I’m feeling healthy than muddle through when I’m unwell.  My next gig is in a fortnight, and I hope to be feeling better by then.


My friends and I finally finished putting together Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter!  You can buy a copy from the Sonorus website. It’s turned out to be such an amazing project, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it.  We’ve sold about 50 copies in the first 2 weeks!!  🙂  I’m currently working on the 13th issue of my perzine, which I hope to complete before Halloween (an apt issue number, I think!).  



I’ve read a few more lifestyle design ebooks, including ‘Operation Creative Career Cheer‘ and ‘20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever‘ (above).  I’m finding them pretty inspiring, and they’re quick cheerful reads.  In terms of booky books, I’m currently really into ‘The Shining’.  I’ve never read the book or watched the film before, so I’m new to the whole thing.  I love Stephen King’s writing, I always get so drawn into his books!  Next in my to-read pile are ‘House of Leaves’, which I started ages ago and desperately need to finish, and zinester Maranda Elizabeth’s debut novel ‘Ragdoll House’.


Due to my illness, I’ve been spending a lot of time snuggled up in bed or on the sofa watching loads of Netflix!  I’m currently watching bits of Doctor Who, Buffy, Hannibal, Agents of Shield, and Stargate Atlantis.  I could spend my entire life watching films and TV shows and still feel like I haven’t watched enough; I also want to find the time to start watching Orange is the New Black, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Sherlock, and Torchwood!

Some things that have made me happy recently:


– Starting a goal journal.  It can be very difficult to keep track of all my goals and accomplishments regularly, especially during weeks when my day job has tired me out and I want to crawl into my bed every evening, so I’ve started writing everything down in a dedicated goal journal.  I keep track of what I have to do this week to work on my goals, what I’ve done recently that I’m proud of, plus any inspiring quotes or tips that I find.  Mine is a little Paperblanks notebook (above) – perfect for carrying around in my bag.  I love it.

– My birthday!  I’m not very good around my birthdays usually – I feel like it should be a fairly big event, a day where I do everything I want to do and am happy from start to finish; anything less than that feels like a big let-down.  Unfortunately it never turns out that way, and sometimes the pressure to be happy and stress-free for one pre-set day can make you more acutely aware of stress and bad feelings sneaking in.  Anyway, this year’s birthday nearly ended up the same, especially as I had to work on the day, but thankfully it ended up being one of the best birthdays I’ve had for years.  My darling bf surprised me at work with a bouquet of flowers and a picnic hamper, and we went for a delicious picnic with all of my favourite foods at lunchtime!  It was amazing.  Afterwards we went out for an Indian with my family, which is a big treat for me as I never have Indian food due to my IBS!  I was unwell on the evening of my birthday (not IBS related) and went to bed feeling kinda glum, but otherwise it was a good day.


– Zine fests!  I tabled at Bristol Comic and Zine Fair last weekend, which was mostly good fun, although I did feel pretty out of place alongside the professional comic artists and illustrators.  I’ve managed to secure a table at the Queer Zine Fest London in December, which I’m so excited for!  My friends are coming with me, and we have all pledged to have a new zine out by then to take to the event!

– Watching TED Talks!  I used to waste a lot of my spare time on my iPad not really doing anything, mostly just refreshing my social media apps.  I decided to delete some apps (Buzzfeed was the biggest time-waster), and vowed to stop stressing about reading ALL the tweets in my twitter timeline.  Instead, I started watching TED Talks when I had spare time.  It’s been such an amazing change!  TED Talks are great – they’re usually around 12 minutes long, and are a great introduction to a subject.  I’ve learned a lot from them, and feel I am edifying my mind more than I was reading articles with titles like “10 cats that look like Miley Cyrus”.  Check out my YouTube channel for my recent favourites!

– Looking forward to Halloween!  It’s my favourite holiday, and I’ve changed my Twitter name to celebrate 🙂

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