I’m on Holiday!

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I’m going away for just over a week, on a family holiday to Spain. yay!

Señor Tobins!

In my Day Zero Project, I have set myself the following 2 challenges:

094. Go without the internet for a week

095. Go without Facebook for 2 weeks

So I’m using this opportunity to complete them.  I figure that since I’m unemployed, I can probably get away with being unplugged for a week.  There’s nothing in my life that’s particularly urgent.

I’m a little nervous at how I’ll get on – I wouldn’t count email as “internet”, but I’m probably going to be unable to check my email while I’m away since I won’t be taking my laptop or my iPhone.  And being so disconnected from the online world, where I do 99% of my organising, socialising, and activism, will be strange.  But hopefully I’ll enjoy all the free time I’ll gain from being offline.  I’m hoping to get lots of reading, writing, eating, and exploring done while on holiday, things that I find myself with less time for when so much of my day is spent at a computer (well, eating not so much, haha).

So if you need to contact me, email would be best this week – contactATcatherineelmsDOTco.uk.  I’ll try to check my email, but no promises.  I’ll be back in a week’s time.

Wish me luck! 🙂

Some links:

I reviewed UK Feminista Summer School on the Swansea Feminist Network blog.

The SFN zine I edit, Pandora Press, is now available to buy from Marching Stars distro!

Here In My Head. #8 and #9 is available to buy from Marching Stars distro, and #9 is available to buy from Vampire Sushi distro!

Hannah reviewed Here. In My Head. #9 on her blog this weekend:  http://bit.ly/q9YWaW

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