Swansea Feminist Network gig!

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I performed at the Swansea Feminist Network music fundraiser on Friday, in The Garage, Swansea.  It was my first solo piano gig in Swansea, and my third solo piano gig ever, so I was very nervous… but it went really well! yay!

I played two of my newest songs – Monochrome and Wallflower – and they went down very well.  I also played Mooncup’s Love Your Vagina song, which was a hit, and tickled lots of people in the audience! 😀

It was awesome.  I was happy with my performance, everyone was really kind and complimentary, made some new fans, and had many drinks bought for me. Sadly, I forgot to bring my CDs to sell… but there are worse things I could’ve forgotten I suppose!

(if you’re reading this and are a new fan, you can buy my CDs at my website – www.catherineelms.co.uk/shop!)

Unfortunately I had to leave early, so missed the last two acts, The Adelines and Sleepy Panda Club, but from what I could tell during their soundcheck, they were great.

I’m going to try and do more gigs now – this has really given me a confidence boost.  I had a lot of fun that night. 🙂

Pissed, pointing at the sign with my name on!


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  • djmoonlight said on Aug 1, 2011 4:29 pm

    very well done, wish I could have been there! Oh, and you look amazing in those photos xx

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