2 – 3 week hiatus.

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Due to only having 3 weeks left of my degree (ohmigosh, I’ve nearly made it!), I’m putting my music, zine, and blogging stuff on a temporary hiatus.  I’m trying to avoid Facebook, but the same can’t be said for Twitter. *hugs Twitter app*  I have lots of essaying ahead of me, and tying up loose ends with the Women’s Network, so I’m trying to limit my areas of procrastination.  Also, I’m going back to Nottingham for all this, and will be leaving my zines and CDs at home in Wales.  If you want to purchase any of my stuff in the meantime, you can find my zines at Marching Stars, Vampire Sushi, Fluxxii, and Fight Boredom, and my music at Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon mp3, and CD Baby.  Any questions, email me: contactATcatherineelms.co.uk.

To make up for my upcoming silence, here’s a picture of my dog Toby on my bed that I took a few days ago.

"This is my bed now"

ETA: if you’re from South Wales, join the Swansea Feminist Network group on Facebook! (or you can ‘like’ us).

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