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Last week was tough.  I had to write a 6000 word essay on quantum theory and divine action, as well as revise for my feminist philosophy exam.  Leaving all my work until the week before it was due was not the best decision I’ve ever made.  But it’s all finished now, so seeing as my lectures don’t start until next week, I’ve decided to come home for a little while to sponge off my parents a little longer!  I’ve got some dissertation reading to do, and am writing bits and pieces for my next zine.  Things are good.  I feel good. 🙂

And now the reality of adulthood is beginning to creep in.  I finish university forever in four months!  I’ll be moving back home to Wales in the summer, where I will officially be a fully-qualified adult.  I considered living with Hank after graduation, but our lives are so hectic and unstable that it wouldn’t be wise to try to rent a flat together and struggle to pay rent/bills as well. Living at home with my parents is a bit of a step backwards, but at least I know they’ll only charge a little rent, and only when I’m working full-time, so it makes sense financially.

I’m considering training to become a teacher when I graduate.  I’m stuck in that awkward situation of having a fairly good degree, but not enough extra-curricular experience to set me apart from the hundreds of thousands other applicants who will be chasing the really good well-paid jobs.  There are lots of things I’ve considered doing which I’d enjoy, such as becoming a journalist or a piano teacher, but they’re all fairly low-paid work.  I think that coming from a working-class background and getting launched into a middle-class university has made me feel as if I deserve a bit of money for myself for the first time in my life.  And all things considered, teaching seems like a good option for me, even if it is a bit of a cop-out (those who can’t, teach – right?).  I could moan about this for days, but I’ll end it here.  I don’t know, I suppose I can still keep doing my music and zine stuff alongsaide a normal job… I mean, the musician Peaches was a teacher before she began recording!

Anyway, onto nicer news.  Artemis is coming along really well – at the moment I’ve finished putting it together, and it’ll be taken to the print shop tomorrow hopefully.  Here is the front cover, designed by yours truly – we’re getting the cover printed in full colour too, exciting stuff!

Zine Update:
Here. In My Head. #7 is going to be a split-zine with Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight To Hell! #14, written by Tukru!  I’m so excited to be working with her, I’ve always admired her work. 🙂  It’ll be released in time for Brighton Zine Fest (19th & 20th February).

101 Things Update: I watched a few films over Christmas that were in the IMDB Top 250 – some I loved, some I didn’t.  I also got my engagement ring re-plated.  The updated list can be found here.

Other: I’m deleting my Formspring account in a few days – I keep getting loads of spam/abusive questions, and the number of genuinely interesting/entertaining questions are outnumbered by spam 10 to 1.  So I’m keeping it open for the next week for you guys to get your last anonymous questions in.  Ask me anything, and if it’s not abusive or irrelevant, I’ll try my best to answer!


  • tukru said on Jan 17, 2011 6:09 pm

    i love how the issue numbers of all my (full lenght) split zines match! #9 was split with telegram ma’am #18 (9 x 2 = 18!) and now #14 will be a split with here. in my head #7 (7 x 2 = 14!) i think i should try to keep this ‘theme’ going in the future, yes?

    ps. i’ve been working on my half all weekend. well, typing scribbles down. sort of abandoned the hello kitty thing for now.

    • Catherine said on Jan 17, 2011 7:41 pm

      Haha, awesome. By the way, would you mind if we didn’t use the hello kitty stationary for the split-zine?


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