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Apologies for the slow posting recently – I have been super-busy with uni work.  Yesterday I handed in a 6,000 word essay on Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials – eeep!  That’s the longest essay I’ve ever written by far!  On the plus side, I got that shit DONE, and it makes me feel a tiny bit better about my academic capabilities.  I remember being in my first and second year of uni and feeling this crippling fear of being a third-year and having such an enormous workload – I never thought I’d be able to cope.  As it turns out, my workload is mostly manageable, and I’m making an effort this year to keep on top of everything.  Funny that – I remember being in year 3 and seeing year 6 colouring in a detailed map of the UK, carefully making sure to colour the green and blue inside the lines – and I thought that looked impossibly difficult!  Now look at me, haha!  I guess it just goes to show that a lot of my anxiety is just fear of the unknown and severely underestimating my abilities.

I’ve given myself the rest of the day off, but it’s a short-lived pleasure, as I have another 6,000 word essay to write over Christmas, and an exam to revise for. The work never ends!

So other than working, I haven’t been up to much at all, hence the lack of posting.  I’ve rather enjoyed the snow, although it did scupper my plans to visit Hank this weekend. 🙁

The view from my front door

T'is the season for ridiculous hats.

Alice and I have been putting up posters for lots of exciting Women’s Network events coming up, which is incredibly tiring on such a big campus covered in so much snow!  There are 2 exciting events coming up – first, the Women’s Network Music Fundraiser!  RSVP here.  I was dithering about whether I should perform, as I only got the call 2 days ago, but I reluctantly declined due to a few deadlines and meetings to prepare for next week.  I’m contemplating playing after all, even though I haven’t had enough time to prepare myself!  I should just throw myself into it and fucking do it, shouldn’t I? Hm. *anxious*

Design by me

Secondly, the Women’s Network Christmas Social, which Alice and I came up with as a way of getting shy women in uni to meet up with us and get to know each other.  Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only isolated one in uni, but I know there are plenty of us.  So we should get together and eat mince pies!  More details and RSVP here.  I want to buy a Santa hat to wear to this.

Design by me

Zine Update: Hannah wrote a lovely review of my zine on her blog, which you can read here!  Tonight I’ll be spending a little time working on Here. In My Head. #7 with the aim to publish it in late January.

Music Update: I’m working on new songs and re-learning Mozart’s Sonata in C major (my left-hand fingers hate me). I’m going to try and make a YouTube video real soon to share with you all, as soon as my parents dig out their video camera (the camera on my iPhone is shit, so I’m not even gonna try that).

101 Things Update: 016. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone else to find – completed! 🙂  I went crazy and put a couple in some feminist books in the Notts Uni library. Guerilla feminism!

They were mostly empowering quotes and fun drawings I found on my internet travels.  Nothing too ground-breaking, but hopefully it’ll make someone smile. 🙂


ETA: after much encouragement from my lovely Twitter followers, I’ve asked if I can still perform at the Women’s Network Music Fundraiser. Eeeep!


  • DJ Moonlight said on Dec 3, 2010 7:51 pm

    aww your womens network thing sounds awesome- wish I could come! mmm vegan cake 🙂 you should defintley play!!!!!!


    • Catherine said on Dec 3, 2010 8:48 pm

      Thanks! I’m really scared though! :/

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