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Since my last entry, I’ve had loads of interest in Here. In My Head. #5 and #6 – thank you all so much! 🙂  Lizzy of Marching Stars Distro has agreed to stock both zines, so they’ll hopefully be available to buy from her by the end of next week.  Mad Hatter Distro from the US has also agreed to stock my zines – hurrah!  I’ve updated my Zine Wiki page if you want to check it out.

(A note about Zine Wiki: I think this would be a great zine resource if more people used it!  The name says it all – it’s basically like Wikipedia, but dedicated to zines.  If there are any zinesters or distro owners out there who haven’t set up a page on Zine Wiki, you should do so right now!)

I had intended to leave writing the next issue of HIMH until at least spring 2011, as I was a little tired out by all the thinking and writing work that I put into issue 5 (as you may have read on my blog/Twitter, I finished the alphabet issue long before issue 5).  However, out of nowhere I started getting all these great ideas for my next zine – how technology has changed our world and how much this scares me, the way I sabotage myself from fear of happiness, romantic comedies that aren’t that romantic, political apathy… finally, I seem to have pushed through my writer’s block, just as my university workload increases! Pah.  Hopefully issue 7 will be ready sometime soon after the new year.  🙂

Other than being a little overwhelmed by my huge to-do lists, university life is going really well.  I’m enjoying all my modules (well, the one on determinism and free will is a bit difficult, but at the moment it’s interesting enough), and am keeping on top of everything.  I’m doing a module on feminist philosophy which is going incredibly well – for the first time since being at university, I actually feel as if I belong there.  Silly, I know.  I’ve never been good at public speaking/seminars, but I’m doing rather well in the feminist philosophy seminars – I have things to say, I have other knowledge floating around in my mind that I can connect with the text we’re reading (e.g.  in today’s seminar, I brought up Naomi Wolf’s idea of beauty as an unfixed concept in relation to an article on the increasingly sexual portrayal of men in the media), I don’t feel intimidated by others in the class, and I understand the text better than the other people on my table.  They asked me to explain something to them!  This has never happened before!  (Please don’t misinterpret this as arrogance. I still feel like I could do a lot better in that class… but I’m going to allow myself to revel in this tiny little victory).

I can’t say I’ve been that sociable this term so far.  To be honest, I think I’ve given up on it all.  Alice and I had a discussion about the friends situation, and I was surprised to discover that she has had a very similar experience to me in terms of making friends – we’ve both made a big effort in our first two years, but haven’t managed to really get anywhere.  We were both told that we’d make a big circle of friends, and would spend most of our time partying and having a wonderful time… but neither of us experienced that.  This made me feel a lot better, actually, as Alice is a very friendly and lovely person.  So if she’s struggled too… then maybe I’m not as pathetic as I thought.  Sure, I’m still lonely a lot of the time, but it feels a little easier to deal with this year.  I guess I’m aware of the huge workload coming up when my dissertation work kicks in, plus the fact that I’m leaving Nottingham for good in May… I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.  Who needs friends when there’s CSI?  Heh.

Still, I am doing something every week by staying involved with the Women’s Network – unfortunately on Wednesday I was too ill for the cinema social, but next week we’re putting on an Introduction to Second-Wave Feminism Workshop which I’m looking forward to.  I designed the poster for the event:

I’m trying to take my designing skills a little more seriously nowadays, so if anyone reading this would like me to design any posters, magazine covers, etc, get in touch!

I’m still getting on really well with the fluoxetine, but I have to pay for my next 2 months’ supply.  Damn you England and your expensive prescriptions!  There’s still a lot of social anxiety and lethargy, but at least the self-loathing and everything else has died back.  Yay.

Music Update: I mentioned a free single in my last blog post.  Basically, here’s what we’ve decided to do: in order to promote my music/upcoming album (which keeps getting pushed back due to the busy lives of the guys involved in the project) I’m going to give out a CD single for free, which will contain the songs I Miss You and Desire (Gimme A Cure).  It’ll be available to order from my website and blog.  Hank is working on mixing the songs, and we’re hoping to get it out by the end of the month.  I’ll also put those songs up for free download on my MySpace page, but if you’re like me then maybe you’ll prefer a physical CD than an intangible mp3 file.

As an aside, I feel really guilty about the fact that my music projects get delayed so much.  It’s just that Hank and his musician friends who are helping out with the album all have remarkably busy lives, and an unpaid project like mine tends to get left at the wayside while more important things such as university work takes priority.  It’s frustrating, but understandable – that’s what you get when you try to record a full-length album on a shoestring!  if I had a way to finance this project then it would’ve been completed months ago – sadly, I’m relying on donations and volunteering mostly.  I promise this album will be worth the wait.

101 Things Update: Added a few things.  Check it out.


  • DJ Moonlight said on Oct 15, 2010 5:09 pm

    I read your zines yesterday (on the same day they arrived)! and really enjoyed them and it’s great you’re feeling inspired 🙂 That’s something I struggle with most of the time. I don’t even know what I’ll put in the zine I want to make yet! Although that will be delayed a bit as next month is novel writing month!

    I really love the flyer you designed and the womens network thing sounds awesome!
    hopefully me setting up my own feminist group will bring similar rewarding experiences for me.

    have you got a pre payment card for your prescriptions? as if you are you would get them a bit cheaper.

    looking forward to the free single!
    sorry for such a long comment!xx

    • Catherine said on Oct 16, 2010 12:09 pm

      Don’t apologise for the long comment, I love long comments! 🙂

      Aw, I’m really glad you liked my zines. I can’t wait to read yours!


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