Uni, Women’s Network & More Recording!

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I moved into my new house in Nottingham this week, and have settled in very well.  My new flatmates are lovely. We’re all going out to dinner with Hank for my birthday this weekend, which I’m looking forward to.  Things are good, and I’m happier here than I’ve been for a while.  I’m ready to get stuck in to my university work!

Today I spent the afternoon on the Women’s Network Fresher’s fayre stall – it was good fun, and we had lots of interest in our upcoming events.  Also managed to have a nice chat with the new Women’s Officer Rosie.

Artemis is now available as a paper copy – Notts girls, get hold of yours ASAP before they run out!  The theme for the next issue is SURVIVAL – for more info, check out our Facebook group page.

The cover of the latest issue. I'm not 100% happy with it; I'm new to Photoshop so it was a bit of a botched job.

Music Update: Last week I spent 3 days in Leeds doing more recording with Hank and the boys, which went really well.  We recorded the piano parts and vocal parts for Powerless, Online Reconnaissance, Not Sorry, I Should, and Above Clouds – we’re going to go back and add a few more harmonies and twiddly bits, but other than that all the piano and vocal parts for the album are finished.  Over the next month or so, we’re going to start posting new songs on MySpace – exciting! 😀

The piano we recorded.

One thing that breaks my heart about going to Leeds: on Woodhouse Lane, a beautiful old church has been converted to a Halo nightclub.  I lament the abuse of such gorgeous architecture.

Zine Update: I’ve moved to Nottingham until Christmas, so if anyone wants to get in touch via snail mail, please be patient as my parents only forward my mail to me once a month.  Alternatively, get in touch to find out my term-time address.  I’ve finished Here. In My Head. #6 and have put it together, but am still working on #5 (it makes sense, honestly).  I want to finish it as soon as I can, but obviously my university work comes first.  Speaking of which, I have my first meeting with my tutor tomorrow morning – eek!

101 Things Update: Hank taught me how to use photoshop at last! 🙂


  • DJ Moonlight said on Sep 23, 2010 6:30 am

    Can you send me your term time address please? 🙂

    • Catherine said on Sep 23, 2010 8:43 am

      Sure, I’ll send you a FB email. 🙂


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